When I insert a CD iTunes hangs for several minutes then returns an error message “Song names cannot be found online, do you still wish to import?”. I tried in my wife’s Mac using iTunes and it worked fine (so I know the song names DO exist online). I’ve also tried turning off the firewall and uninstalling any apps on my PC that might be interfering, and reinstalling iTunes (twice). As well as putting gracenote into the safe sites list on IE Explorer. Also, after I select “no”, another error message “HTTP Client Error” comes up.


Frustratingly, it was working fine a few weeks back, I’ve no idea what has caused it. Screen shots below:



When attempting to use iTunes and access the iTunes store, the iTunes store page is simply blank, and the applemobiledeviceservice AND iTunes each start maxing out a full CPU core (I have a quad core).

Depending on the version of Windows (I’m running 7), you can click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories, right click on Command Prompt and choose Run As Administrator.

Type ‘netsh winsock reset‘ press enter, and then reboot.

After you reboot, you will receive a message stating ‘The LSP was not mapped correctly. Would you like to re-map the LSP?” Click No twice. This will disable the Bigfoot Network Manager, but iTunes should work.

This fix has been posted and confirmed to work by multiple users in the Apple and the Bigfoot forums. Please look into and resolve this issue, since it makes the Network Manager useless.

Doing this will solve the problem is some cases. It worked for me.